The Great Desocial(media)ization of Jason

Social media started out as a tether for me--a bond to the outside world that I didn't want to break. During those dark days of 2009 and 2010 when my anxiety kept me almost completely housebound, Facebook was a means for me to feel at least partially connected to reality. Quite literally, it helped me... Continue Reading →


Social Media Is Rotting My Brain (And, apparently I’m not going to stop it…)

(Before you recoil in shock, I DID NOT drop the F-bomb when I was talking about SnapChat. I said "look," not the other word. Calm down.) For a long time now I've convinced myself that I need social media. I need it to market myself as a freelance writer. I need it to help communicate with students... Continue Reading →


I've actually been thinking about doing this for a while now. Detoxing from social media. In the past I've always called these little jaunts away from social media "fasts" or "breaks," but I've never used the word detox. This time, though, it fits--and fits well. It's sad to say this, really, but it's true: social... Continue Reading →

Reasonable People Can Agree to Disagree, But We Are Not Reasonable People Anymore (Revised)

I posted the original version of this essay way back in June of last year. Long before the party conventions, the debates, the Access Hollywood videos, or the emails. I posted it long before the election; long before the meltdowns over cabinet nominees; long before the Russians "hacked the election" (a post coming soon about... Continue Reading →

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