For the Victims

Another day. Another shooting. 17 more lives senselessly lost. 15 more lives wounded. Countless lives changed forever. Another day. Another endless casting call of politicians and pundits thumping their chests blaming this or that thing, or this or that person. Another day. Another Facebook filter..."Pray for [something new]." Another meme..."More people are killed by hammers....."... Continue Reading →


Oh, God! He writes poetry (Occasionally) #6 — Always

I wrote this poem back in 2006. It was written for a friend who was going through some very difficult changes in her life, and was written to help her remember that, as dark as those days were, there was always hope and that she always had friends who loved and cared for her. It... Continue Reading →

For National Limerick Day 2016 There once was a poet named Jason He had talent but was terribly impatient He spent little time Scribbling this rhyme Which truly belongs in the basement

Drama Queen Your Majesty -- You're a travesty of justice, and decency alike Your vanity -- dark insanity is weakness though you call it might And when your chips are down your golden crown tarnishes revealing a tin foil hoop How easily the weight of reality brings all your boasting to mute You wilt and... Continue Reading →

Half Life Half-brained ideas followed by half-hearted effort. Half-baked delusions of half-pursued grandeur. A half-time resident in this halfway house I'm living in half the distance between Einstein and oblivion. Infected at birth with incurable wanderlust forever looking for the next best thing. Innoculated by experience with total distrust of people always holding the illusive brass... Continue Reading →

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