For the Victims

Another day. Another shooting. 17 more lives senselessly lost. 15 more lives wounded. Countless lives changed forever. Another day. Another endless casting call of politicians and pundits thumping their chests blaming this or that thing, or this or that person. Another day. Another Facebook filter..."Pray for [something new]." Another meme..."More people are killed by hammers....." … Continue reading For the Victims


The Hermit Storyteller

I haven't written in a while...I've been busy and, well, life is beating me up a bit. But, today I sat down and wrote a little vignette that might someday turn into a larger story. Since I get the most attention here when I tell stories, I hope this one suits your fancy. Feel free … Continue reading The Hermit Storyteller

Not Dying Was Easy–Surviving Was the Hard Part

**On December 26, 2003, I was involved in a serious car accident which caused several significant injuries. While the accident was terrible, and while my recovery was long and difficult, the events of that night ultimately changed my life for the better. This is a version of the story that I wrote for my Creative … Continue reading Not Dying Was Easy–Surviving Was the Hard Part

The Lull

There's something very anti-climactic and almost sad about the end of a course--especially a short summer course. I put all that time and effort into reading and thinking and writing and reading some more and thinking some more and writing some more. And, then, just like that...poof. It's over. I put the books on my … Continue reading The Lull

More New Stuff and Another Reminder

Hey, hey, hey! Guess what? I've published another piece for Parachute by MapQuest. You can find the link for it by clicking here...that will take you to my new web site. While you're there, please be sure and register for email updates from my blog. Even if you currently receive them from this blog, you … Continue reading More New Stuff and Another Reminder

Hey there. . .Go Read My Stuff! (Again)

Hello blog latest piece for Parachute by MapQuest has been published. The Top 5 East Texas Slang Terms That All City Folk Need to Know To see my previous pieces on Parachute, click here. As always, please remember to LIKE and SHARE! Thanks and Ciao for Now! ~Jason

Sometimes We Must Be Forced to Follow Our Dreams (I Am a Writer, Part I)

I started writing stories when I was 10 years old--probably before that, actually, but that's as early as I can remember. I did most of my growing up in a small town in East Texas where there wasn't a whole lot to do, so my sister and I learned to use our imaginations early on. … Continue reading Sometimes We Must Be Forced to Follow Our Dreams (I Am a Writer, Part I)