Anxiety–Destroyer of Lives, part 5: A Road to Wellness (Here We Go)

In my last post, I wrote that I would be starting an intensive outpatient treatment program for anxiety and depression soon. Soon has come! I began the program on Monday, and completed the third day yesterday. One of the rules of the program is that I not discuss treatment outside of the group--with anyone. So,... Continue Reading →


Don’t Be a Jerk Like Me: A lesson on choosing your words wisely

A couple of years ago, I wrote the following in a blog post: And now, healthcare -- In general I don't think that the problem most people have with the Affordable Care Act is that it allows people they don't like to have healthcare. I think that the problem they (we, because I agree with... Continue Reading →

For the Victims

Another day. Another shooting. 17 more lives senselessly lost. 15 more lives wounded. Countless lives changed forever. Another day. Another endless casting call of politicians and pundits thumping their chests blaming this or that thing, or this or that person. Another day. Another Facebook filter..."Pray for [something new]." Another meme..."More people are killed by hammers....."... Continue Reading →

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