The Lull

There's something very anti-climactic and almost sad about the end of a course--especially a short summer course. I put all that time and effort into reading and thinking and writing and reading some more and thinking some more and writing some more. And, then, just like that...poof. It's over. I put the books on my … Continue reading The Lull


More New Stuff and Another Reminder

Hey, hey, hey! Guess what? I've published another piece for Parachute by MapQuest. You can find the link for it by clicking here...that will take you to my new web site. While you're there, please be sure and register for email updates from my blog. Even if you currently receive them from this blog, you … Continue reading More New Stuff and Another Reminder

(Reblogged) Want to Be an Amazing Writer? Read Like One from

I've recently begun my foray into the world of freelance writing. To say I'm a newbie is a dramatic understatement. But, I have published one article on Parachute by Mapquest and am working on my second assignment for them. Slowly. . .slowly, but surely. . .things are happening. I've started following and reading the work of … Continue reading (Reblogged) Want to Be an Amazing Writer? Read Like One from