A Christmas Miracle

Okay, can y’all tell that I really do like to cook? When school is on break, and I don’t have to worry about grading papers, writing lesson plans, or calling parents, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking–and I love it! It is therapy for me!!

I grew up eating good ole home cooking, and that’s what I enjoy making most. I’m pretty darn good at it, if I do say so myself. I can fry chicken, cook steaks, bake cakes, cookies, and pies. I can even make slow cooked beans and peas that will make you wanna slap your momma! But, there is one dish that has vexed me time and again….GRAVY! I never seem to get it quite right. It’s always too bland, too salty, too thick, too thin, or most often, LuMpY. So, when I got up and cooked breakfast on Christmas morning (eggs, bacon, biscuits…), I expected the same outcome: a marginally edible gravy-like dish that I would puzzle over yet again.

I cooked the bacon in the skillet and drained all but just enough of the grease off (I leave the bits in the skillet because, well…bacon!). I sprinkled in the flour and made a roux. Then I gradually added milk and began whisking. When what to my wondering eyes did appear……??

GRAVY! Smooth, silky, lumpless gravy!

Past experience told me this must be a fluke. It would thicken up, lump up, or have no flavor. I added salt, then pepper…still smooth and creamy. So, I tasted it….

If heaven had a taste, I’m sure this would be it! It was a Christmas Miracle! Lump-free, smooth, delicious gravy poured over my flaky hot biscuits. Joy to the World, indeed!

I’m pretty sure that gold, frankincense, and myrrh ain’t got nothin’ on this!

Do you like reading about my cooking adventures? I never really thought of this as a food blog, but these posts sure seem to get a lot of attention. Let me know….


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