A little wit. A little wisdom. And a little whatever. (February 28, 2017)

A little wit

Curiosity killed the…art collector? (from SurferSam.com)

A famous art collector is walking through the city when he notices a mangy cat lapping milk from a saucer in the doorway of a store and he does a double take.

He notices that the saucer is extremely old and very valuable, so he walks casually into the store and offers to buy the cat for two dollars.

The store owner replies, “I’m sorry, but the cat isn’t for sale.

The collector says, “Please, I need a hungry cat around the house to catch mice. I’ll pay you twenty dollars for that cat.”

And the owner says “Sold.” And he hands over the cat.

The collector continues, “Hey, for the twenty bucks I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer. The cat’s used to it and it’ll save me from having to get a dish.”.

And the owner says, “Sorry buddy, but that’s my lucky saucer. So far this week I’ve sold sixty-eight cats.”

62641321-burke_squareA little wisdom

“You can never plan the future by the past.” —Edmund Burke, 1729-1797 (Read more about him.)

chickenA little whatever

Ted Giannoulas. Do you know that name? Are you a baseball fan? If you are, then commit his name to memory. Ted Giannoulas is the original San Diego Chicken, aka the Famous Chicken, the mascot of the San Diego Padres. But, why is this so important as to deserve space as “a little whatever?” Well, few people know that the San Diego Chicken was one of the very first mascots in professional sports, and that his popularity helped mascots become widespread crowd favorites throughout professional sports, but especially in Major League Baseball.


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