Sharing is Caring…But, why?

Ok, so about once a year I post about the importance of sharing blog posts that you like. Me and all the other bloggers in the world rely on readers (like YOU) to keep liking and sharing our stuff so that more people read it. But, I know that sometimes folks forget about that, so this is your yearly reminder that….

Sharing is Caring!

The great thing is just how many options you have to share something that you like.

You can share it from the blog…

Just click one of the sharing options and you’re done. Easy as…well, 1! You can also “Like” it on the blog by clicking the like button. Yes, you will be asked for your email address, but NO  you will not start getting a bunch of email from me or anyone else. All it does is help me determine who’s real and who’s not. So, please don’t be scared to like it or share it.








You can share it from Facebook…

So many of you click the “like” button on Facebook, and I really appreciate that. But, did you know that the “share” button is just about an inch away? No, it really is! So, when you click “like,” head on over another inch and click “share” …. 2 little clicks and you’re done!







But, Jason, why is it so important for me to share?

Well, in truth, it’s not….except that when you do share, it brings more people to the blog to read. And, who knows, one day someone might read something I wrote and offer me a job as a writer?! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Then you could say, “Hey, it was my share that got him where he is today!” And, you could look at yourself in the mirror and know that you helped a friend.

But, if you don’t believe me, just look. These are blog views over the last few days. You can see the days when nobody shared….”so sad.” 😦 But, then look what happened! Just one person shared my post on Thursday and by Friday, views almost doubled and the number of shares increased by a factor of 15…HOLY BAR GRAPH, BATMAN! That’s amazing!










All joking aside, though….

I really do appreciate all of my readers. I have well over 1,000 people who follow my blog and that makes me truly grateful. I just wanted to remind you that it really helps me out when you not only like my posts, but you also share them. From the bottom of my heart….




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