Oh, God! He writes poetry (Occasionally) #6 — Always

I wrote this poem back in 2006. It was written for a friend who was going through some very difficult changes in her life, and was written to help her remember that, as dark as those days were, there was always hope and that she always had friends who loved and cared for her. It is a tad sophomoric where poetry is concerned, but she got the message then, and when I found it this morning, it made me smile. I hope you enjoy it!


It goes without saying that tides don’t always turn in our favor;
that the wind is not always at our backs;
that the sun doesn’t always bring gentle warmth.

It goes without saying that fires don’t always rage;
that flowers don’t always bloom.

But, it must be said that tides do turn;
the wind does blow;
the sun does shine;
embers do smolder beneath the deepest ashes;
springtime does come.

The only certainty in life is its uncertainty.
It will always twist and turn;
always challenge.
There are also always new days,
new roads,
new opportunities.

As surely as all of this is true,
rest assured that there is someone
always with you.


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