For the First Time in 24 Years, I Voted: Here’s Why

Some time ago I spent a lot of time “hiding” posts on the various social media forums I use by folks who constantly posted about politics. I was worn out by it and dismayed at the lack of decorum and the poisonous tone of many of those posts. More recently (during the summer), I declared that I would continue my practice of not voting in the presidential election–my reasoning being that the state in which I live is solidly “red”, and since we do not elect our president by popular vote, my one vote would not matter. I held firm on both of those stances until this week.

This week, I broke my promise to my social media followers and began posting about politics–not just the election, but about the deeply rooted corruption in the American government and political system which is sanctioned and propagated by a mainstream media which has lost its soul. I know that the chances of me changing anyone’s mind with my Facebook and Twitter posts are slim to none, but that is not the point. The point of my sudden engagement in this process is to, hopefully, open the eyes of people whose eyes have been closed for far too long so that they can make EDUCATED decisions on their own. We can’t rely on ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, or the CBS Evening News to deliver unbiased truth anymore. God knows we can’t rely on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC; and now days, we can’t even rely on Fox News to be “fair and balanced.” The scales have tipped against the American people, and the only way to bring them back into balance is to expose people to the truth.

Let me be clear: for me, this is not a Republican or Democrat issue; nor is it a liberal or conservative issue. For me, the issue at hand is restoring the integrity of our system and wresting power out of the hands of corrupt career politicians (of both parties) and placing it back where the framers of the Constitution intended–in the hands of the people. For well over 50 years now, the Washington establishment has endeavored to siphon more and more power away from you and me and concentrate it in the halls of the federal bureaucracy. Our Federal Government has morphed from a congress of citizen representatives, to a bloated oligarchy of overpaid bureaucrats who wield far more power over the daily lives of Americans than the Constitution allows and that the framers ever imagined. So, yes, I broke my promise not to post about politics because the stakes are now far too high to exercise my right to remain silent.

This week, I also broke my 24 year tradition of not voting in presidential elections. The last time I voted in one was in 1992 when, coincidentally, another Clinton was on the ballot. That election was the first time I was eligible to vote, having turned 18 only two years prior. After that, and after recognizing that because of the Electoral College system my single vote in a state that was (and still is) solidly Republican didn’t bear much weight, I stopped voting for president. I only voted for “down ballot” races where I could make a difference. That was my plan for 2016 until this week.

I was not a Donald Trump supporter during the primaries. I voted for Ted Cruz because I believed that he was the most principled conservative in the race. But, Ted Cruz didn’t win, and I accepted that. I was also not a supporter of efforts to nullify the primary process in a brokered convention. In more recent weeks, I resigned myself to the thought that, most likely, Hillary Clinton would be our next president. As awful as that thought is to me, I just figured I’d be taking a lot of Xanax over the next four years. But, then, Wikileaks began releasing emails, and what emerged with those emails was the reality of just how disastrous a Hillary Clinton presidency would be. Compound that with the Clinton camp’s “Russia did it” narrative, and I saw the truth that these people seem perfectly willing to provoke a war with Russia in their efforts to get her elected. I read the emails where Clinton’s hatred for Roman Catholics and evangelical Christians is palpable. With the ongoing assaults on religious liberty in this country, I believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency would demolish the very “separation of church and state” that she has hailed for so long, giving primacy to the will of the federal government over the “free exercise” of personally held religious beliefs. I also believe that a Clinton presidency would eviscerate the Second and Fourth Amendments. I could go on, but I won’t just now. So, yes, I broke my long-standing tradition of not voting in presidential elections (I even went against my own belief against early voting), and cast my ballot this morning for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence–actually, I voted a straight Republican ticket.

Side note: I am not a sexist, misogynist, bigot, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe, anti-immigrant Neanderthal exercising my white privilege. I am an American. I am an American who is concerned with the direction in which I see our country moving. I do not hate anyone, nor do I believe I am better than anyone else. I cannot control the fact that I am white, nor can I control the fact that I am male. I also will not apologize for either.

Over the next weeks and months, you will continue to read about politics here, regardless of who wins this election. I believe that our problems are far more deeply rooted than the election of a single man (or woman) can remedy. But, there is a way forward, and I intend to educate you on that way forward. Until then. . .

God bless America!


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