Today, whilst applying for a job online, I was asked to write an original 40-60 word poem about my current or previous job. This one is 75 words. . .I hope they don’t count off for going over. I hope you enjoy! (No, I was not the model for Heinrich Feuger’s “Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind” [pictured left]. Sorry to disappoint.)

A Poem For a Job

I tutor and teach
students of all ages
who have been assigned to write
pages and pages
of research, narrative, process, and argument.
They’ve toiled and labored
revised and re-tailored
until blue in the face
and spiraling in rapid descent
toward academic oblivion.
But, I
like Prometheus of old
bring light and warmth
to the dark and cold
leaves of mere mortal works.
And make them Olympic. . .

. . .or at least readable



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