School Daze: A Chance for You to Read My Academic Writing in a Completely Safe and Unthreatening Forum (Because You Know You Wanna)

Earlier today I posted three short papers that I wrote in the Chaucer & Middle English Literature course I just finished on my professional page They are only about 1,000 words each, so they don’t take long to read. They are analyses of three texts that we read during the course, “Sir Orfeo”, “The Clerk’s Tale”, and “The Merchant’s Tale” (both from The Canterbury Tales). I’ve posted the direct links below.

Thank you for reading!

A Selfless Act of Love: The Critical Nature of Asceticism in “Sir Orfeo”

Obedience Unto Absurdity: Griselda’s Failure as a Wife in “The Clerk’s Tale”

There is None So [Happy]: The Importance of Honesty in Chaucer’s “The Merchant’s Tale”


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