The Problem With Censorship is [DELETED FOR THE READER’S VIRTUE]: A White Tower Guest Article

My good friend Jammer Smith has graciously allowed me to post this guest essay on his blog, White Tower Musings. It details my personal experience as an educator with censorship of literature which I intended to use as part of my curriculum at the hands of overzealous parents. Even if you don’t believe that censorship is a problem, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read my essay. Perhaps something I write can help you realize that it is a dangerous practice, regardless of now noble the intentions of the person(s) committing it. Thank you for reading!

White Tower Musings


Jason Walker needs no introduction, but this essay is different the usual  articles that appear on this site.  White Tower Musings is designed to introduce readers to novels, plays, poems, graphic novels, films, and Non-fiction works that they may not know about so that I can, in my own way, explain to the reader why they should gie a shit.  I typically avoid outright politics because that’s what Facebook, Memes, and Thanksgiving dinner is for, and after experiencing it in all these venues I believe you can agree the whole damn things get’s tiring.  There are stories and testimonies however that, while they may be political, surpass the pathos and weak rhetoric that we so often are forced to listen to or read.  When Jason told me he was writing an essay about censorship of books in schools, and his own experience with it, I assumed he was going to…

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