Sunday Smashup: A change of plans, a new recipe, the end of an era, and Night falls on a hero

This post has a little bit of everything, but I wanted to do it this way instead of posting four times today. So, just find something in it that interests you and read away!

A Change of Plans
Okay, okay, okay! I give. You win.

After a couple of my long-time readers on this blog expressed their disappointment at my changing the blog address and being required to re-register for it; and after my mom dressed me down about asking too much of people who might not be as tech-savvy, and therefore not as comfortable signing up all over again; and after deciding that maybe I wanted to keep the content and focus of my new website about writing, literature, etc., I made a change of plans.

This blog, MEtopia will remain my personal blog where I post about various topics–the place for my “philosophies of a redneck sophisticate.” I’ll keep using it exactly like I’ve been using it for the past 7 years. Meanwhile, my new website and blog, will be where I post items which have more to do with my professional life as a freelance writer, bookie, and educator. I still hope that you’ll follow me there, too!

So, don’t worry. You’re good right where you are.

A New Recipe

Tamale Pie
Tamale Pie

So, by now you all know that my mom has a food blog, Grandmommy’s Kitchen. I’ve been sharing her posts here while she gets things going–and they’re going well, by the way. I’m sorta jealous that people like and share her posts more than mine, but I guess people care more about food than they do the things I post here. I’ll get over it. 

Aaaaaaanyway….she posted a new recipe this morning. The Best Tamale Pie from is a recipe that’s been circulating around Facebook lately. She decided she’d try it out. I liked it better than she did, but she gave it a 7 out of 10. You should go check it out on her blog and follow her while you’re there!


The End of An Era

Garrison Keillor
Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor has been hosting A Prairie Home Companion on NPR for 42 years. Last night was his final show as host of the program. In October, the show will return to the radio, and Chris Thile, a frequent musical guest and sometimes guest host, will take over the program as permanent host. Thile was hand-picked by Keillor as his replacement

I remember my great-grandmother listening to PHC on the radio when I was a little kid. She didn’t listen every week, but would tune in from time to time. Back then, I was bored to tears by the show and would sulk on the living room floor while she listened. I rediscovered the show a few years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Keillor is funny, sometimes a little caustic, but always clever. He will surely be missed, but I’m glad that the show will continue and I’m interested to hear what Chris Thile will do with this American classic.

Night Falls on a Hero

Elie Wiesel
Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel, survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, chronicler of the horror in his best-selling book NightNobel Laureate, and champion for human rights around the world has died at the age of 87.  I plan to write more about this in the next couple of days on my new website and blog, but I felt it worthy of mentioning this morning. I’m truly saddened about this loss because I believe it is one of those great losses that we experience from time to time. Humanity has lost a true hero. 


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