Barnes & Noble and I Want You to Read This Summer: A White Tower Guest Article

Need something good to read this summer? Then this is the list for you! This is a guest post I wrote for White Tower Musings, a blog written by my friend and colleague, Joshua “Jammer” Smith. Go give it a read and, while you’re there, go read his stuff, too–it’s a terrific blog! And, as always, please remember to LIKE and SHARE, because sharing is caring!!

White Tower Musings


I’ve tried in these essays to encourage my regular reader to read many books, but on the whole I’ve avoided just providing lists.  The reason for this is that I tend to be rather intellectual much like the parody of Socrates in Aristophanes’ play The Clouds where the old man is walking always amidst the clouds of ideas.  I realize that this can be a bit galling to readers who are looking for a simpler review, and sometimes you just need somebody to give you a list of books so you can jump into them yourself and decide what you think.

I met the writer of this guest article after taking several online classes with him.  It’s an odd moment when you meet somebody that you already knew, but Jason Walker and I became friends and intellectual companions pretty quickly when it was discovered that we had similar interests in…

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