Where’s Rod Sterling when we need him? (A brief, and probably ill-advised political commentary)

pr flagEarlier this evening I was on my way to pick up dinner–I was too tired to cook tonight. I tuned my radio to NPR and Latino USA was on. Their subject this evening was the Puerto Rican debt crisis. I have to be honest, I didn’t realize that Puerto Rico was having a debt crisis, but apparently, their government is spending far more money than it takes in and no one is willing to compromise in order to solve the problem. (Gee. . .where have I heard that before?) Anyway, they interviewed a number of people about the issue: economics professors, economists, politicians, business owners, community leaders, and just regular folks. It didn’t seem like anyone had a real solid idea about what to do to solve the problem. Then, it happened. . .

. . .I entered The Twilight Zone. . .


I heard the announcer say that the United States Congress was taking up the issue–apparently, Congress has the ultimate say on what happens in this situation–and that they were, most likely, going to end up appointing a board of managers (or governors, or some such. . .I can’t really remember the collective noun they used) to take over. It will most likely be American bankers and economists. Do what now???

I’m not sure whether this falls under the heading of irony, hypocrisy, insanity, or just plain ole “what the hell?” But, yeah, let’s have a group of 535 people, none of whom live in Puerto Rico, and all of whom are at least partially responsible for the T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of dollars of debt that the US is in, decide on what is best for the people of Puerto Rico. I mean, is this some sort of experiment? If it works we’ll try it here. If not, meh who really got hurt here?

Everyday I wake up and I think maybe, just maybe, someone with half a brain will have rod sterlingemerged to rescue us from these fools. But, everyday I see Rod Sterling standing there, cigarette in hand, reminding me just how NUTTY things have become.


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