If you endure, you’ll get to wear a funny robe! (Quote of the Day – February 4)

barclay endurace quote
Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. ~William Barclay

And, the World’s Worst Blogger Award goes to. . .ME!

I haven’t been very consistent about blogging lately. I started the year out quite well, but then I started classes and <insert The Price is Right loser sound effect here>.

…sorry about that…

But, it’s a brilliant segue if you’ll bear with me.

This semester is already difficult–really, REALLY difficult. I’m doing a lot of reading, and for someone who is not a fast reader, that’s a chore. I was thinking about dropping my Dickinson class, but my professor encouraged me to stick it out and then the Financial Aid Office encouraged me to stick it out by reminding me that my scholarships were contingent on maintaining full-time enrollment.

Enter William Barclay

Growing up in the United Methodist Church and, at one time, being a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church, I am no stranger to William Barclay.

William Barclay
William Barclay

He wrote  commentaries on the entire New Testament–commentaries which were ubiquitous in the offices of Methodist pastors–at least back then. I have read some of all of those commentaries, but gosh, this little gem today from Barclay is something I must have missed!

In my experience, endurance always seemed to be couch in a negative way. Someone was going through a hard time, so we encouraged them to “just endure.” Older folks from my past would speak of someone enduring some grave illness. But, the part that was missing is the part that Barclay tacked on to the conversation.

Endurance is not just the ability to BEAR a hard thing, but to turn it into GLORY(Emphasis and exclamation mark mine.)

I tell my students all the time that if they will only endure the hardship of getting used to Pre-AP, AP, and college credit courses, the reward in the end will be well worth it. And, I believe that. You’d think after figuring it out enough to preach it I’d also figure out how to live it. But, I have a hard time with that sometimes–like now.

Even as I write this, my coffee table is littered with books which I should be using this time to read. Instead, I’m sloppily hurling my thoughts about endurance into the Cyberverse. Who knows? Maybe that is part of the endurance process. Maybe that’s part of turning it into glory.

masters regaliaThis is my penultimate semester of graduate school. I will take one elective in the summer (a Thoreau course which I’m CRAZY excited about), and then I will do my Guided Independent Study in the fall. In December, I will don a long black robe with goofy sleeves and a pretty orange and white hood and I will be handed another piece of paper that says I know a whole lot about the study of English.

or, at least that I endured long enough to get the paper…


So, with a slight shake of my head and a deep sigh, I say, endure the hardships, my friends. There is glory in the end.


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