Quote of the Day – January 26

ben franklin writing quote
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ~Benjamin Franklin

Gee, thanks, Ben!

As if every time I sit down behind a keyboard I weren’t under enough pressure. Now I’ve got you on my back…write something worth reading! What a life, this life of a tortured and frustrated writer. To want nothing more than to see my own words in print and know that they bring someone some little ounce of joy, but to see everyone else find that success while you’re left behind.

What if I never write anything worth reading? What if I never do anything worth writing? In that case, I suppose I’ll just keep plugging away. Pecking at my keyboard. Opening a vein, as it were. Pouring my life’s blood; my heart; my soul; the essence of who I am onto the page.

Woah…hold up there, Jason. Let’s not be dramatic.

So, yes, Ben. I’ll write on.


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