another hour gone

awake at 3:49am asking life’s unanswerable questions
like, Why am I awake at 3:49am? and, Why did I eat pie at midnight?
or, Why can’t I ever be satisfied with who I am?
all of the big questions begin with Why

what a word That Word. always curious; never quieted
quizzing and probing parts of me that I don’t want to see
asking me to do things I don’t think I can do
it’s always poking at my restless head

That Word won’t let me be. it keeps stalking
lurking around and rifling through my junk drawer
wondering if I will ever let go of clutter
so the good stuff can see the light of day

That Word knows me. better than I know myself
it remembers the impossible dreams I try to forget
it investigates the ways to make them possible
it won’t give me peace while I ignore life

awake at 4:37am another hour gone
maybe today will be the day I finally give in to That Word
maybe I will be satisfied with what makes me who I am
all of the big answers begin with Maybe



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