Quote of the Day – January 16

How much of human life is wasted in waiting? ~RW Emerson
How much of human life is lost in waiting? ~RW Emerson

If you follow this blog long enough you’re likely to run across many pearls of wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson. He, along with Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman are my go-to’s for inspiration and affirmation.

Today — affirmation…

I’ve been accused of being impatient and impulsive. I’ve been told that I’m in too big a rush and that “the quality of [my] work is sometimes sacrificed for speed” (that from an annual review at a job about 20 years ago). I will admit that I am often in a hurry to get things done–to make things happen. The reason? I don’t want my life to be “lost in waiting.”

We are told that patience is a virtue, and that is true. But, often times, indecision is mistaken for patience; doubt is mistaken for patience; fear is mistaken for patience. When I decide that I want to do something I don’t want to sit around waiting and thinking the thing to death. I know myself. If I think about a thing long enough I will find enough reasons not to do it. I have done it too many times before. What may seem like rushing to some is merely self-preservation. It is me knowing that if I don’t pursue my dreams now I will never finish them.

Thank you, Uncle Ralph, for the affirmation.

Don’t rush, but don’t wait. If there are things you want in life, go get them. Don’t let indecision, doubt, or fear keep you from happiness, success, and fulfillment. If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Uncle Ralph–don’t lose your life waiting!


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