Work From a Young Writer ! (Pic of the Day – January 8)

morning fog

I took this picture as I arrived on campus this morning. I found it particularly appealing. As a warm-up for my classes, I asked my students to write a one paragraph description of this picture. While writing, they were to consider Gothic Literature and its characteristics. The description below is from one of my Freshman English students who is an enormously talented young writer. This is why I love my job!

In this sea of trunks there is no movement, there is no life to disturb the stillness. It is like the land itself has been cursed to remain devoid of life. It sits there waiting, hoping for something to bring color into it’s gloomy, dreary landscape. The land waits with bated breath to have life breathed back into it, for the hand of a fae to rid the land of the demon that infests it therein. Once, there were many that would come to try to conquer the land and beasts, but since the curse was laid there has been no life in or above the ground. The one who laid the curse was wise in laying the trap, for the demon resides within an iron house surrounded by the bones of the fallen. Those who survive walking through the desolate forests have not been able to coax the beast from its safehouse to slay it. The hexxed land waits, waits for the one who will free it, for the one who will animate it once more, and it will continue to wait for thousands of years. It will continue to yearn and covet the spark of vivacity that it lost all those years ago. It aches for the rustle of leaves, for the sweet hymns of the songbirds, yet knows that will never possess them again.

~Abigail C. — 9th Grader


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