For the Victims

Another day. Another shooting. 17 more lives senselessly lost. 15 more lives wounded. Countless lives changed forever. Another day. Another endless casting call of politicians and pundits thumping their chests blaming this or that thing, or this or that person. Another day. Another Facebook filter..."Pray for [something new]." Another meme..."More people are killed by hammers....." … Continue reading For the Victims


Scarecrows, Skivvies, & Cemetery Sleepovers: 5 Weirdly Wonderful New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

Growing up in Texas meant that, every year, on New Year's Day, I ate black-eyed peas and cabbage with at least one meal. According to local lore, the peas bring good luck, and the cabbage brings prosperity or wealth in the new year. Not being one to temp fate, I always eat my peas and cabbage. Oh, … Continue reading Scarecrows, Skivvies, & Cemetery Sleepovers: 5 Weirdly Wonderful New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

Be It Resolved…

Well, here we are. In just a few more hours, we will see 2017 out, and welcome 2018. New Year's Eve seems to always bring out the philosophical and spiritual sides of most of us, and I guess I'm no different. I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I stopped doing that years ago when I … Continue reading Be It Resolved…

A Christmas Miracle

Okay, can y'all tell that I really do like to cook? When school is on break, and I don't have to worry about grading papers, writing lesson plans, or calling parents, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking--and I love it! It is therapy for me!! I grew up eating good ole … Continue reading A Christmas Miracle

Shortbread Cookies with Mulled Spice Icing

I love it when a plan comes together! After simmering my mulling spices with orange peel for about six hours, I strained the spices from the syrup and let the syrup cool. Then, I put what little culinary creativity I have to work. With much ado, I made some shortbread dough--the initial product was so … Continue reading Shortbread Cookies with Mulled Spice Icing

I Get By With a Little Help From My (Foodie) Friends

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you’re all having a peaceful and happy day. I’ve been simmering some mulling spices and orange peel since early this morning. First of all, this apartment smells heavenly! I mean, you can almost smell it through the picture. It not only smells delicious, it looks it, too. As you can … Continue reading I Get By With a Little Help From My (Foodie) Friends

The First Frost

Another from my Instagram collection; now a couple of months old. If you enjoy these, please let me know--also, please like and share. I woke before dawn on this morning of the season’s first freeze. In those last few moments of darkness, when the world was still quiet—at peace—a coyote howled one last, lonely cry … Continue reading The First Frost