Anxiety–Destroyer of Lives, part 5: A Road to Wellness (Here We Go)

In my last post, I wrote that I would be starting an intensive outpatient treatment program for anxiety and depression soon. Soon has come! I began the program on Monday, and completed the third day yesterday. One of the rules of the program is that I not discuss treatment outside of the group--with anyone. So,... Continue Reading →


Would You Consider Helping Me Build My Classroom Library?

I have the most AMAZING friends and followers!!! ... About a week ago, I posted a link to my Amazon Wish List—a list specifically for books I’d like to have in my classroom library. My message was simple: I think it’s important for students to be reading some EVERYDAY! But, my experience has taught me... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Confusion: Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying–A Review (Sorta)

(Minor) Spoiler Alert!! -- If you're one of those readers who does not like to know any details about a book before you read it, skip down below the horizontal line. While I do not reveal significant plot points, there are some points of interest revealed in my opening paragraphs. Addie Bundren is dying. Her gaunt and... Continue Reading →

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